How We Raise Puppies

Our puppies are born and raised in our home. We immediately begin early neural stimulation daily over the first two weeks; followed by extensive socialization to a variety of noises, surfaces, dogs, and humans. They are introduced to training crates at four weeks and exposure to grass and pottying outside at five weeks. Age-related vaccinations and microchip are given at six weeks. We use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test at 49 days to assess temperament and structure of puppies.

From birth through 12 to 14 days, we provide each puppy with Early Neural Stimulation. This technique offers excellent benefits in early development. See this link for further information:

From birth through their eight weeks with us, we incorporate "Puppy Culture" curriculum in our working with each puppy. This is an exceptional program involving socialization and training specific to the early critical stage of development. We follow age appropriate protocols and lessons laid out in an organized format.


HIS FAME retains the right to hold back a number of offspring from each litter for future breeders.  HIS FAME does not sell to pet stores or kennels.