His Fame Australian Labradoodles - Guardian Home Program

It’s important to us that all our breeding dogs be a part of a family and never be stuck away in a kennel. As our breeding program grows, our guardian home program will need to expand. Occasionally, we have a male or female in our breeding program (puppy or adult) who we offer to an approved guardian family. The guardian dog is in full ownership of His Fame Australian Labradoodles throughout the contract period.

What is the guardian family program?

  • Guardian family takes a puppy into their home to take care of as a permanent member of their family.
  • Guardian agree to raise, train, and care for a breeding Labradoodle throughout the breeding career.
  • Guardian family is responsible for all normal pet costs as if it were their pet (annual check-ups and Vet visits, vaccines, monthly heartworm & flea prevention, upper mid-range or high range food that we recommend, grooming – we recommend you choose someone who understands and wants to learn appropriate grooming styles for the Australian Labradoodles.
  • Breeder arranges for and pays for all health tests which number 14+ at an estimated cost of $1800.
  • Dog becomes part of the guardian family, and only comes back to His Fame when health testing needs to be done, when it’s time to breed, or for females, about one to two weeks prior to having her litter of puppies. She stays with us for about six to seven weeks total to have her puppies, then returns to her guardian home. His Fame pays for all breeding related costs (health testing, progesterone tests, all expenses related to whelping, etc.).
  • Regarding females: family will observe the female for beginning the breeding cycle based on discussion of indicators. It is essential that the first day of the cycle is noted as it is essential information for breeding.  The family will contact the breeder immediately and arrangements are made to transfer her to the breeder for progesterone tests.  It is in the benefit of all parties, including the female, that careful observation occurs as she nears the expected heat cycle period so that heat cycles are not missed. Generally, first breeding is done on first heat cycle following her first birthday (usually between 15        and 18 months).  Medical findings show that it is appropriate to breed each cycle rather than skipping a cycle as long as the girl is health. Following each breeding and whelping cycle, we will evaluate the girl for breeding on the next cycle providing she is healthy at the cycle. Evaluation includes: 1) did she get pregnant pretty easily; 2) were there any complications during pregnancy, during whelping, or during nursing; 3) did she seem to enjoy being a mom; 4) did her offspring contribute to the overall quality of the AL breed? If any answers are negative, then we discuss before deciding to breed the next cycle. If the answers are positive, then we will plan for the next cycle. We expect a healthy girl living in a guardian home to produce up to four litters.
  • Regarding males: family will provide an environment free of intact females who may come in heat cycle and pose a risk of an unwanted, unnecessary, and irresponsible pregnancy. Family will make available stud for breeding purposes. He will usually be away from the family for an overnight or an afternoon. The number of times he would be called on will depend upon the quality of offspring, easiness to collect, quality of semen surviving shipment, and overall health of the stud. He could be a stud for several years.
  • Females will usually be away from the family a few days to a couple of weeks when breeding occurs unless guardian family lives near the reproductive vet; she then returns to the guardian family until she is approximately 54 days pregnant at which time she returns to the breeder for ex-rays and whelping. She returns to the family when puppies are 5½ to 6 weeks old. We normally have an ultrasound between days 28 and 35 at which time, we have her for a day…possibly an overnight prior to the ultrasound.
  • In return for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership is transferred to the guardian family once the dog is finished with his/her breeding career.
  • After breeding career and at consent of His Fame, the dog is spayed or neutered at the expense of the guardian family.
  • In the event the dog does not adequately pass the highest standards for breeder status, then the guardian family will pay the balance between a pet price (at the time contract is signed) and the amount they paid initially and subsequent execution of contract is same as for a pet puppy.
  • Guardian price for a female or male is: $1400 for puppy and $1600 for adult dog (11 months & older).

Benefits to guardian families:

  • The puppy/dog is pick of the litter (Best of the Best) and comes at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Guardian families get the “Best of the Best” Australian Labradoodles His Fame has to offer, as we choose our breeding stock to have the best qualities, conformation, temperament, and has met the highest standards of multiple health tests.
  • With each breeding, the guardian has opportunity to earn back partial or full investment. Guardian with female receives $300 back for each litter whereas guardians with males receive $100 for each litter sired. Since females have limited number of matings (usually a total of four) and males can breed many years (usually not past eight years of age), the single mating payback is greater for females. However, over time, guardians for males as well as females may earn back their full upfront investment.
  • If the guardian desires a puppy for themselves after their guardian dog has retired, then the cost is substantially lower at $1400. A typical pet puppy contract will be used.

His Family Guardian Home Requirements:

  • Must live within 60 miles from Goldsboro, NC.
  • Must enjoy and love dogs…!
  • Must become educated about Australian Labradoodles, especially the differences with American lines.
  • Homes must have a fenced yard. When the dog is not inside the fenced yard, the dog must not be off leash when outside.
  • Females cannot live in the same home with intact males; males cannot live in the same home with intact females.
  • Keep the female in heat cycle away from males who are intact.
  • Keep the males away from females in heat cycle.
  • Guardian families must be willing to feed the premium food we feed our breeding dogs.
  • Provide, at minimum, basic obedience for your His Fame puppy, either in a group session or private trainer and ensure the puppy is well socialized. Notify His Fame when training is ongoing or upon completion.
  • Use the local groomer specified by His Fame in order to maintain the ‘look’ of an AL dog.
  • We also prefer that someone is home during the day or has a schedule that does not require the puppy to be left alone or crated for long periods of time.
  • Keep open communication with His Fame and provide regular visits, updates and photos as the puppy grows so we can update our web site; and, allow the dog to maintain familiarity with us through visits.
  • Must be willing to use a His Fame approved Vet and follow our recommendations for the dog’s veterinary care – (locally, we recommend East Way Vet) such as vaccines, medications, food, etc.
  • Must be willing to transport dog to us (or some agreed upon designated mid-point) for health testing, breeding, and whelping; and, at least a 48 hour notice will be provided under most circumstances.


  • If at any time the guardian family cannot continue to provide maximum care for the puppy/dog, then they will return him/her to His Fame. Any costs incurred by the guardian family will not be reimbursed.
  • If communication difficulties regularly occur that would restrict access to the puppy/dog or interfere with breeding cycles, then His Fame will reclaim the breeder. Any costs incurred by the guardian family will not be reimbursed.
  • If at any time, His Fame suspects or direct evidence indicates the dog is or may be in an unsafe situation, then the dog will be returned. Any costs incurred by the guardian family will not be reimbursed.
  • If the dog is purposely used for breeding or an ‘accidental’ breeding occurs, then the dog will be returned to His Fame; all resulting puppies will be spayed/neutered prior to homed, pedigrees will not be available; estimated cost of damages to the stud or dam in the amount of $25,000 will be owed to His Fame; any costs incurred by the guardian family will not be reimbursed.

If you are interested in more information, or would like to discuss becoming a guardian family, contact Ray’s cell @ 919-222-2127.


HIS FAME retains the right to hold back a number of offspring from each litter for future breeders.  HIS FAME does not sell to pet stores or kennels.